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Catskill Country Real Estate serves sellers and buyers in the residential, commercial and investor sectors of the Hudson Valley and the Sullivan County, NY Catskills. We also serve Westchester, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam, and Rockland counties bringing expertise and professional guidance to your specific requirements.
This wide ranging geographical area provides a broad prospective and opportunity to view hundreds of property listings on any device, anywhere, and at any time. Our sister site provides a second venue to search out properties relevant to your requirements.

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John Kavaller: Principal Broker & Owner of Catskill Country Real Estate


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Headed for Another Housing Bust?

‘Rapid Price Increases Will Not Last Forever’ The current growth in home prices is echoing the lead-up to the recession. Is history repeating itself? The answer is likely not, according to a recently released® report. Building is lacking in many markets—one hallmark 10 years ago was over-construction—and credit standards are more stringent, says Danielle Hale, […]

10 Ways to Avoid ID Theft

Hiding your cash under the mattress used to work when we were a cash driven culture.  Now that we’re all on line for almost every conceivable service and product, it’s imperative to protect yourself.  Large scale hacking of personal and private information will only increase.  View the video and implement these strategies to mitigate some […]